DAMA’s General Assembly approves the 2022 Accounts, in which royalty income raises up to 38.4%

The audiovisual authors’ rights management organisation has more than 2,200 members, that is, 22.21% more than the previous year.

DAMA, the audiovisual rights management organisation, held its General Assembly last friday 30th June, at which it approved not only the Management Report, the investment policy and the Annual Accounts, but also the Transparency Report and the Internal Control Body Report for the 2022 financial year.

In 2022 DAMA invoiced 32.5 million euros, which represents an increase of 38.4% compared to the revenue in 2021. In addition, the figure for distributions to members increased by 19.60% to over 27 million euros.

The number of members grew by 22.21% last year, continuing the twenty-three years of uninterrupted growth, where 55.5% of these new members are women. In addition, more than 2,200 authors entrust the management of their repertoire to DAMA.

The members were also informed at the Assembly that Víctor Romano no longer holds the position of general director. The Board, plans to announce a new appointment to this position in the coming weeks.

DAMA is committed to its authors. In the last year, with the support of European Next-Generation funds, DAMA has transformed itself, digitising its processes to become more efficient and optimise the management of services to its members.

Internationally, the entity has 59 agreements signed with international audiovisual management entities. What is more, DAMA is a member of the Board of Directors of CISAC, the world confederation of creators. Here, Spanish audiovisual authors have their own independent voice, through DAMA, to defend the fair valuation of their rights

On a more social level, DAMA develops an aid programme that takes into account the economic peculiarities of the profession, with irregular incomes and, on occasions, instability. Thus, in 2022, the organisation distributed 492,400 euros to its members through the aid provided for in this project.

Besides, the organisation offers its creators the Proyecta Programme, through which grants and aid are awarded for both, training and national and international promotion.

DAMA continues to be fully involved in training and promotional activities for the development of audiovisual culture and the improvement of the working and economic conditions of creators, collaborating with associations of audiovisual authors, film festivals, universities, specialised schools and other public and private organisations.

For instance, DAMA offers creators laboratories such as Cambio de Plano, an initiative in collaboration with Netflix to promote cultural diversity; Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador, the biggest national screenwriting award; Laboratorio Segunda Versión, the first audiovisual creation incubator for authors over 50; and DAMA Cortos, in which the winning short film is produced. In addition to these projects, there are the conferences and courses of Los Martes de DAMA and other informative activities such as DAMA Forma, that mainly aims to inspire young students in the audiovisual field.