Because we work with audiovisual content. We are directors, writers and translators who believe in what we do. We dedicate all our time and work to support the audiovisual professionals, who receive all our promotional and assistance funds to the last cent.

Because we work democratically: all our members have the right to vote and all authors receive the same treatment in the management and distribution of their royalties.

  1. Specialization: DAMA is a Collecting Society created by and for directors and writers, translators and adapters.
  2. Equality and NON discrimination: In DAMA, all directors, writers and translators have the same rights, no matter what country they come from.
  3. Effectiveness: Throughout the last 20 years we have developed advanced management systems that allow us to control all broadcasted content and to have rates for effective use.
  4. Efficiency: There are no real estate burdens. We have optimized human and technical resources that allow for a progressive decrease in administration fees.
  5. Solvencyestablished agreements with main associations and users – cinema, television, cable, private copying, online platforms.
  6. Conflict-free management: There are no conflicts of interest between the rights of directors and writers, translators and adaptors. In our Management Board there are only directors, writers, translators and adaptors.
  7. Reference society: We represent directors and writers from most countries with a strong audiovisual industry: United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Argentina and many more. We have reached agreements with these countries in our almost 20 years of history as a result of a serious, transparent and effective international management.
  8. International support of audiovisual content: DAMA is part of the SAA (European Society of Audiovisual Authors) and of the board of Writers & Directors Worldwide.
  9. Flexibility: Oriented to achieving agreements with users. Our technical systems are highly adaptable to the new uses and management models: internet, VOD.
  10. Competence: Timely payments. We distribute all the royalties generated during the year or collected abroad quarterly.
  11. TransparencyClear liquidation documents. Complete identification of the origin and amount collected for each audiovisual product, with direct assignation to the author.
  12. Among the objectives of DAMA, there are also the development and promotion of training activities for beginners and professionals, both directly organized and in collaboration with other societies and institutions, to encourage creation and development in cinema, television and online platforms.


DAMA does not only manage royalties, but it also defends and promotes audiovisual creation with all kind of activities. We are committed to training audiovisual authors and to defending cultural diversity.

DAMA’s work will continue to grow, with further training and further assistance programs, in line with the organization’s evolution.

DAMA uses international tools provided by CISAC such as IDA and IPI to collect remuneration rights in Spain for the Sister Societies represented. These Sister Societies periodically receive payments for the exploitation of their repertoire in Spain. Together with these payments complete information concerning authors, type of exploitation, date and time is sent.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms. Lesslie Schauer
Email: lschauer@damautor.es
Phone: +34 917 02 19 84